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Akavache.Sqlite3 Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
LinkerPreserve Providers a override for the linker. This will use bait and switch to provide different versions.
Registrations Adds registrations required for the SQLite3 integration.
SQLiteEncryptedBlobCache A SQLite blob cache where all the entries are encrypted.
SQLitePersistentBlobCache The main purpose of this class is to ensure older packages upgrade without breaking. Existing installs of Akavache use a linker class referencing typeof(Akavache.Sqlite3.SQLitePersistentBlobCache) This ensures that static analysis won't link these DLLs out This library was added to provide a default bundle implementation using the bundle_e_sqlite3 bundle. Thus this class was moved here so it provides the hook for the linker and then registers and inits the sqlraw bundle.
SqlLite Main class for registering items with the system.
SqlRawPersistentBlobCache This class represents an IBlobCache backed by a SQLite3 database, and it is the default (and best!) implementation.


Namespace Summary