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Akavache Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
AkavacheHttpMixin A set of methods associated with accessing HTTP resources for a blob cache.
AndroidFilesystemProvider The file system provider that understands the android.
BitmapImageMixin Provides extension methods associated with the IBitmap interface.
BlobCache A class which represents a blobbed cache.
BulkOperationsMixin Extension methods for the IBlobCache that provide bulk operations.
CacheEntry A entry in a memory cache.
DependencyResolverMixin A set of mix-in associated with the IDependencyResolver interface.
EncryptionProvider Provides encryption for blob caching.
HttpMixinExtensions Set of extension methods that provide Http functionality to the IBlobCache interface.
InMemoryBlobCache This class is an IBlobCache backed by a simple in-memory Dictionary. Use it for testing / mocking purposes.
IsolatedStorageProvider A storage provided that uses isolated storage.
JsonSerializationMixin Set of extension methods associated with JSON serialization.
KeyedOperationQueue A key which has separate buckets for each key.
LoginInfo Stored login information for a user.
LoginMixin Helper methods that assist with login operations and storing related data.
MacFilesystemProvider A file system provider that is related to the Mac operating system.
ProtectedData A shim to allow the use of protected data.
Registrations Setup registrations for the application.
RelativeTimeMixin A set of extension methods that assist with setting expiration times based on increments from the current time.
SimpleFilesystemProvider A wrapper around the file system.
TizenFilesystemProvider A file system provider for the Tizen platform.
WinRTEncryptionProvider A encryption provider for the WinRT system.
WinRTFilesystemProvider A file system provider for the WinRT system.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IAkavacheHttpMixin A interface that represents a mixin for providing HTTP functionality.
IBlobCache IBlobCache is the core interface on which Akavache is built, it is an interface describing an asynchronous persistent key-value store.
IBulkBlobCache A interface that handles bulk add/remove/invalidate functionality over many key/value pairs.
IEncryptionProvider Provides the ability to encrypt and decrypt byte blocks.
IFilesystemProvider An abstraction for the simple file operations that an IBlobCache can perform. Create a new instance of this when adapting IBlobCache to different platforms or backing stores, or for testing purposes.
IKeyedOperationQueue A queue that uses keys to determine the queue operations.
IObjectBlobCache A BlobCache implementation that can handle objects.
IObjectBulkBlobCache A BlobCache implementation that can handle bulk operations with objects.
ISecureBlobCache This interface indicates that the underlying BlobCache implementation encrypts or otherwise secures its persisted content. By implementing this interface, you must guarantee that the data saved to disk cannot be easily read by a third party.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
DataProtectionScope The scope in which to store data stored by ProtectedData.