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Fusillade Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
LimitingHttpMessageHandler Limiting HTTP schedulers only allow a certain number of bytes to be read before cancelling all future requests. This is designed for reading data that may or may not be used by the user later, in order to improve response times should the user later request the data.
NetCache Handles caching for our Http requests.
OfflineHttpMessageHandler A http handler that will make a response even if the HttpClient is offline.
RateLimitedHttpMessageHandler A http handler which will limit the rate at which we can read.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IRequestCache This Interface is a simple cache for HTTP requests - it is intentionally *not* designed to conform to HTTP caching rules since you most likely want to override those rules in a client app anyways.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
Priority This enumeration defines the default base priorities associated with the different NetCache instances.