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ICSharpCode.Decompiler.Documentation Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
GetPotentiallyNestedClassTypeReference A type reference of the form 'Some.Namespace.TopLevelType.NestedType`n'. We do not know the boundary between namespace name and top level type, so we have to try all possibilities. The type parameter count only applies to the innermost type, all outer types must be non-generic.
IdStringProvider Provides ID strings for entities. (C# 4.0 spec, §A.3.1) ID strings are used to identify members in XML documentation files.
XmlDocLoader Helps finding and loading .xml documentation.
XmlDocumentationElement Represents an element in the XML documentation. Any occurrences of "<inheritdoc/>" are replaced with the inherited documentation.
XmlDocumentationProvider Provides documentation from an .xml file (as generated by the Microsoft C# compiler).

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IDocumentationProvider Provides XML documentation for type and member definitions in source code.