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ICSharpCode.Decompiler.Semantics Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
AmbiguousMemberResolveResult Represents an ambiguous field/property/event access.
AmbiguousTypeResolveResult Represents an ambiguous type resolve result.
ArrayAccessResolveResult Resolve result representing an array access.
ArrayCreateResolveResult Resolve result representing an array creation.
ByReferenceResolveResult Represents the resolve result of an 'ref x', 'in x' or 'out x' expression.
ConstantResolveResult ResolveResult representing a compile-time constant. Note: this class is mainly used for literals; there may be other ResolveResult classes which are compile-time constants as well. For example, a reference to a const field results in a MemberResolveResult. Check IsCompileTimeConstant to determine is a resolve result is a constant.
Conversion Holds information about a conversion between two types.
ConversionResolveResult Represents an implicit or explicit type conversion. conversionResolveResult.Input.Type is the source type; conversionResolveResult.Type is the target type. The Conversion property provides details about the kind of conversion.
ErrorResolveResult Represents a resolve error. Note: some errors are represented by other classes; for example a ConversionResolveResult may be erroneous if the conversion is invalid.
ForEachResolveResult Resolve result representing a 'foreach' loop.
InitializedObjectResolveResult Refers to the object that is currently being initialized. Used within InitializerStatements.
InvocationResolveResult Represents the result of a method, constructor or indexer invocation.
LocalResolveResult Represents a local variable or parameter.
MemberResolveResult Represents the result of a member invocation. Used for field/property/event access. Also, InvocationResolveResult derives from MemberResolveResult.
NamedArgumentResolveResult Represents a named argument.
NamespaceResolveResult Represents that an expression resolved to a namespace.
OperatorResolveResult Represents a unary/binary/ternary operator invocation.
ResolveResult Represents the result of resolving an expression.
SizeOfResolveResult Represents the 'sizeof'.
ThisResolveResult Represents the 'this' reference. Also used for the 'base' reference.
TupleResolveResult Resolve result for a C# 7 tuple literal.
TypeIsResolveResult Resolve result for a C# 'is' expression. "Input is TargetType".
TypeOfResolveResult Represents the 'typeof'.
TypeResolveResult The resolved expression refers to a type name.
UnknownIdentifierResolveResult Represents an unknown identifier.
UnknownMemberResolveResult Represents an unknown member.
UnknownMethodResolveResult Represents an unknown method.