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Punchclock Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
OperationQueue OperationQueue is the core of PunchClock, and represents a scheduler for deferred actions, such as network requests. This scheduler supports scheduling via priorities, as well as serializing requests that access the same data. The queue allows a fixed number of concurrent in-flight operations at a time. When there are available "slots", items are dispatched as they come in. When the slots are full, the queueing policy starts to apply. The queue, similar to Akavache's KeyedOperationQueue, also allows keys to be specified to serialize operations - if you have three "foo" items, they will wait in line and only one "foo" can run. However, a "bar" and "baz" item can run at the same time as a "foo" item.
OperationQueueExtensions Extension methods associated with the OperationQueue.