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BindValidation<TView, TViewModel, TViewModelProperty>(TView, TViewModel, Expression<Func<TViewModel, TViewModelProperty>>, TextInputLayout, IValidationTextFormatter<string>) Method


Platform binding to the TextInputLayout.


[SuppressMessage("Design", "CA1801: Parameter unused", Justification = "Used for generic resolution.")]
public static IDisposable BindValidation<TView, TViewModel, TViewModelProperty>(this TView view, TViewModel viewModel, Expression<Func<TViewModel, TViewModelProperty>> viewModelProperty, TextInputLayout viewProperty, IValidationTextFormatter<string> formatter = null) 
    where TView : IViewFor<TViewModel> where TViewModel : class, IReactiveObject, IValidatableViewModel


Type Description

Type Parameters

Name Description
TView IViewFor of TViewModel.
TViewModel ViewModel type.
TViewModelProperty ViewModel property type.


Name Type Description
view TView IViewFor instance.
viewModel TViewModel ViewModel instance. Can be null, used for generic type resolution.
viewModelProperty Expression<Func<TViewModel, TViewModelProperty>> ViewModel property.
viewProperty TextInputLayout View property to bind the validation message.
formatter IValidationTextFormatter<string> Validation formatter. Defaults to SingleLineFormatter. In order to override the global default value, implement IValidationTextFormatter<TOut> and register an instance of IValidationTextFormatter<string> into Splat.Locator.

Return Value

Type Description
IDisposable Returns a IDisposable object.