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ReactiveUI.Winforms Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
ActivationForViewFetcher ActivationForViewFetcher is how ReactiveUI determine when a View is activated or deactivated. This is usually only used when porting ReactiveUI to a new UI framework.
ContentControlBindingHook AutoDataTemplateBindingHook is a binding hook that checks ItemsControls that don't have DataTemplates, and assigns a default DataTemplate that loads the View associated with each ViewModel.
CreatesWinformsCommandBinding This binder is the default binder for connecting to arbitrary events.
PanelSetMethodBindingConverter A converter that can handle setting values on a Panel control for binding.
PlatformOperations Returns the current orientation of the device on Windows.
ReactiveUserControl<TViewModel> This is an UserControl that is both and UserControl and has a ReactiveObject powers (i.e. you can call RaiseAndSetIfChanged).
Registrations .NET Framework platform registrations.
RoutedControlHost A control host which will handling routing between different ViewModels and Views.
TableContentSetMethodBindingConverter A binding set converter which will convert from a Table.
ViewModelControlHost A view model control host which will find and host the View for a ViewModel.
WinformsCreatesObservableForProperty WinForm view objects are not Generally Observable™, so hard-code some particularly useful types.