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BindInteraction<TViewModel, TView, TInput, TOutput>(TView, TViewModel, Expression<Func<TViewModel, Interaction<TInput, TOutput>>>, Func<InteractionContext<TInput, TOutput>, Task>) Method


Binds the Interaction<TInput, TOutput> on a ViewModel to the specified handler.
Containing Type


public static IDisposable BindInteraction<TViewModel, TView, TInput, TOutput>(this TView view, TViewModel viewModel, Expression<Func<TViewModel, Interaction<TInput, TOutput>>> propertyName, Func<InteractionContext<TInput, TOutput>, Task> handler) 
    where TViewModel : class where TView : class, IViewFor

Type Parameters

Name Description
TViewModel The type of the view model.
TView The type of the view being bound.
TInput The interaction's input type.
TOutput The interaction's output type.


Name Type Description
view TView The view to bind to.
viewModel TViewModel The view model to bind to.
propertyName Expression<Func<TViewModel, Interaction<TInput, TOutput>>> The name of the property on the View Model.
handler Func<InteractionContext<TInput, TOutput>, Task> The handler.

Return Value

Type Description
IDisposable An object that when disposed, disconnects the binding.