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BindTo<TValue, TTarget, TTValue>(IObservable<TValue>, TTarget, Expression<Func<TTarget, TTValue>>, object, IBindingTypeConverter) Method


BindTo takes an Observable stream and applies it to a target property. Conceptually it is similar to.
Subscribe(x => = x)
, but allows you to use child properties without the null checks.
Containing Type


public static IDisposable BindTo<TValue, TTarget, TTValue>(this IObservable<TValue> this, TTarget target, Expression<Func<TTarget, TTValue>> property, object conversionHint = null, IBindingTypeConverter vmToViewConverterOverride = null) 
    where TTarget : class

Type Parameters

Name Description
TValue The source type.
TTarget The target object type.
TTValue The type of the property on the target object.


Name Type Description
this IObservable<TValue> The observable stream to bind to a target property.
target TTarget The target object whose property will be set.
property Expression<Func<TTarget, TTValue>> An expression representing the target property to set. This can be a child property (i.e. x.Foo.Bar.Baz).
conversionHint object An object that can provide a hint for the converter. The semantics of this object is defined by the converter used.
vmToViewConverterOverride IBindingTypeConverter An optional IBindingTypeConverter to use when converting from the viewModel to view property.

Return Value

Type Description
IDisposable An object that when disposed, disconnects the binding.