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SubscribeToExpressionChain<TSender, TValue>(TSender, Expression, bool, bool, bool) Method


Creates a observable which will subscribe to the each property and sub property specified in the Expression. eg It will subscribe to x => x.Property1.Property2.Property3 each property in the lambda expression. It will then provide updates to the last value in the chain.


public static IObservable<IObservedChange<TSender, TValue>> SubscribeToExpressionChain<TSender, TValue>(this TSender source, Expression expression, bool beforeChange = false, bool skipInitial = true, bool suppressWarnings = false)

Type Parameters

Name Description
TSender The type of the origin of the expression chain.
TValue The end value we want to subscribe to.


Name Type Description
source TSender The object where we start the chain.
expression Expression A expression which will point towards the property.
beforeChange bool If we are interested in notifications before the property value is changed.
skipInitial bool If we don't want to get a notification about the default value of the property.
suppressWarnings bool If true, no warnings should be logged.

Return Value

Type Description
IObservable<IObservedChange<TSender, TValue>> A observable which notifies about observed changes.