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RxApp Class


The main registration point for common class instances throughout a ReactiveUI application.
Base Types
  • object
graph BT Type-->Base0["object"] Type["RxApp"] class Type type-node


public static class RxApp


N.B. Why we have this evil global class In a WPF or UWP application, most commands must have the Dispatcher scheduler set, because notifications will end up being run on another thread; this happens most often in a CanExecute observable.Unfortunately, in a Unit Test framework, while the MS Test Unit runner will *set* the Dispatcher (so we can't even use the lack of its presence to determine whether we're in a test runner or not), none of the items queued to it will ever be executed during the unit test. Initially, I tried to plumb the ability to set the scheduler throughout the classes, but when you start building applications on top of that, having to have *every single * class have a default Scheduler property is really irritating, with either default making life difficult. This class also initializes a whole bunch of other stuff, including the IoC container, logging and error handling.


Name Constant Value Summary
BigCacheLimit 256
The size of a large cache of items. Often used for the MemoizingMRUCache class.
SmallCacheLimit 64
The size of a small cache of items. Often used for the MemoizingMRUCache class.


Name Value Summary
DefaultExceptionHandler IObserver<Exception>
Gets or sets the Observer which signaled whenever an object that has a ThrownExceptions property doesn't Subscribe to that Observable. Use Observer.Create to set up what will happen - the default is to crash the application with an error message.
MainThreadScheduler IScheduler
Gets or sets a scheduler used to schedule work items that should be run "on the UI thread". In normal mode, this will be DispatcherScheduler, and in Unit Test mode this will be Immediate, to simplify writing common unit tests.
SuppressViewCommandBindingMessage bool
Gets or sets a value indicating whether log messages should be suppressed for command bindings in the view.
SuspensionHost ISuspensionHost
Gets or sets the current SuspensionHost, a class which provides events for process lifetime events, especially on mobile devices.
TaskpoolScheduler IScheduler
Gets or sets the a the scheduler used to schedule work items to run in a background thread. In both modes, this will run on the TPL Task Pool.

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
InvokeViewModelAction<T>(Action<T>) object
This is a thing I lifted from Prism.