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Sextant Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
DefaultViewModelFactory Default View Model Factory.
DependencyResolverMixins Extension methods associated with the IMutableDependencyResolver interface.
DeviceFamilyTrigger Trigger for device type.
NavigationParameter Represents parameters that can be passed during navigation.
NavigationView An empty page that can be used on its own or navigated to within a Frame.
NavigationViewController A view that can load navigation to other controllers.
ParameterViewStackService IViewStackService implementation that passes INavigationParameter when navigating.
ParameterViewStackServiceBase Abstract base class for view stack services.
Sextant The main registration point for Sextant.
SextantExtensions Extensions methods to setup the Sextant instance. Extension methods interact with Sextant.
ViewModelActionExtensions Class of extension method for object life cycle in Sextant.
ViewModelFactory Helper class which obtains the currently registered IViewModelFactory interface in the Splat dependency service.
ViewModelFactoryNotFoundException An exception that is thrown if we are unable to find the View Model Factory.
ViewStackService Service implementation to handle navigation stack updates. Taken from and adjusted.
ViewStackServiceBase Abstract base class for view stack services.
ViewTypeResolver Special resolver for UWP that only spits out view Type.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IDestructible Interface representing an object capable of being destroyed.
INavigable Interface that represents an element that is navigable.
INavigated An interface that defines methods for when a view mode is navigated to.
INavigating An interface that defines methods for when an object is navigating.
INavigationParameter Interface representing a parameter passed during navigation.
IPageViewModel Interface that defines a view model for a page for the navigation stack.
IParameterViewStackService Interface that defines methods for passing parameters on navigation.
IView Defines a view that be add to a navigation or modal stack.
IViewModel Interface representing a Sextant view model.
IViewModelFactory Interface that represents a view model factory.
IViewStackService Interface that defines a methods to interact with the navigation stack.