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Splat.ApplicationPerformanceMonitoring Namespace

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IEnableFeatureUsageTracking Interface for exposing Feature Usage Tracking as an extension to a class.
IFeatureUsageTrackingManager A manager which will generate a IFeatureUsageTrackingSession for the specified type.
IFeatureUsageTrackingSession Base interface for a feature usage tracking session.
IFeatureUsageTrackingSession<TReferenceType> Generic interface for a Feature Usage Tracking Session.
IViewTracking Base interface for tracking view usage.

Class Types

Class Summary
DefaultFeatureUsageTrackingManager Default implementation of the Feature Usage Tracking Manager.
DefaultFeatureUsageTrackingSession Default Feature Usage Tracking Session. Used for output when a dev chooses not to override.
EnableFeatureUsageTrackingExtensions Extensions for the IEnableFeatureUsageTracking interface. This is a similar design to IEnableLogger, to allow easy use and extension of classes such as ViewModels.
FuncFeatureUsageTrackingManager Func based Feature Usage Tracking Manager.