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Interface IEnableLogger


"Implement" this interface in your class to get access to the Log() Mixin, which will give you a Logger that includes the class name in the log.

public interface IEnableLogger
Extension Methods
WhenAnyMixin.WhenAny<TSender, TRet, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12>(TSender?, Expression<Func<TSender, T1>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T2>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T3>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T4>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T5>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T6>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T7>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T8>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T9>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T10>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T11>>, Expression<Func<TSender, T12>>, Func<IObservedChange<TSender, T1>, IObservedChange<TSender, T2>, IObservedChange<TSender, T3>, IObservedChange<TSender, T4>, IObservedChange<TSender, T5>, IObservedChange<TSender, T6>, IObservedChange<TSender, T7>, IObservedChange<TSender, T8>, IObservedChange<TSender, T9>, IObservedChange<TSender, T10>, IObservedChange<TSender, T11>, IObservedChange<TSender, T12>, TRet>)