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ReactiveUI v5.2.0 released

Saturday, October 12, 2013
Release Notes
Anaïs Betts

What's New

iOS Improvements

This release adds Reactive versions of a number of common UIKit classes, such as UIImageView. RxUI also now comes with a new class for UITableViewSource, ReactiveTableViewSource. This class will wrap a ReactiveList<ViewModel> class and automatically animate in and out cells from the table view as they change (PR #377)

Android improvements

This release adds basic binding support for common Android controls, thanks to #371. Thanks @oliverw!

Combined Commands

ReactiveCommand now supports combining commands, so it's easy to create a command that invokes one or more "child" commands, check out #382 for more information.

Modern Xamarin support

ReactiveUI is now built against the official Xamarin Rx binaries. This means that on MonoMac, you need to be up-to-date on the latest Mono install.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to ViewLocator to be more helpful if registration isn't set up (#359, thanks @terenced!)
  • Move RxUI.Mobile interfaces to the portable library so you can use them from PLibs (#364)
  • Perf improvement when looking up interfaces (#366, thanks @2asoft!)
  • Fixes to Auto Data Template (#367, thanks @chrisway!)
  • Fix to AutoPersist (#383, thanks @vevix!)
  • Updates to handle the latest Rx Microsoft release
  • Make sure ReactiveCommand's IsExecuting always comes back on the UI thread (#373)