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ReactiveUI v5.3.0 released

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Release Notes
Anaïs Betts

What's New

Improved iOS Table View / Collection View support

Thanks to @meteficha and @alanpog, ReactiveUI's support for UITableView and UICollectionView is now vastly improved. We now support:

  • Custom Section Headers and Footers
  • Support for UICollectionView via new ReactiveCollectionViewSource class, similar to ReactiveTableViewSource
  • Support for adding / removing sections dynamically in a Reactive way, via the Data property on ReactiveTableViewSource
  • Added several new IViewFor-friendly Cocoa view subclasses, such as ReactiveCollectionViewCell
  • You can now easily detect when the table has finished updating to avoid making changes during a table reshuffle, via DidPerformUpdates

ViewModelViewHost and RoutedViewHost for WinForms

Thanks to @rikbosch, ReactiveUI.WinForms now has support for both RoutedViewHost and ViewModelViewHost, so you can create IViewFor-based Controls. (#396)

Bug Fixes

  • Make FuncDependencyResolver handle GetService correctly via returning the last item (#389), thanks @journeyman!
  • Fix a race condition in ObservableAsyncMRUCache, thanks @npnelson!
  • Create an overload of ObservableForProperty that's a bit more F# friendly, thanks @marklam!
  • Code cleanups to our project files (#387), thanks @pH-minamo!