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ReactiveUI v6.0.4 released

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Release Notes
Anaïs Betts

What's New

Bug Fixes

  • Fix SupportLib NuGet package (#692, thanks @shiftkey)
  • Fix bug in WhenActivated where deactivation wouldn't run (#690, thanks @jlaanstra)
  • Ensure SetItem fires the correct notification (#693, thanks @TheGrandUser)
  • Fix activation on NSWindowController (#696, thanks @mteper)
  • Use ExecuteAsync in InvokeCommand (#700, #701, thanks @jlaanstra + @timmit93)
  • Ensure ToProperty properties fire Changing notification (#703)
  • Don't set the Scheduler in Xamarin.Forms in the test runner.
  • Link Xamarin.Mac to NuGet Rx binaries instead of ones shipped in the framework, since Mono no longer ships them.