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ReactiveUI v6.5.0 released

Monday, May 11, 2015
Release Notes
Anaïs Betts

What's New

Collection View improvements (#820)

Thanks to @kentcb, our support of UITableViewController and UICollectionViewController are much more reliable, and will correctly animate in items. A huge thanks for an awesome PR!

Dependency version bumps

This version of ReactiveUI requires Xamarin.Forms 1.4.2 and the latest Xamarin.Android AppCompat library. This most likely won't be a problem, but if it is you can downgrade to 6.4.x.

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue where WhenAnyObservable doesn't protect against null (#831, thanks @kentcb)
  • Improve WeakEventHandler when working with Xamarin.Forms, prevent crash (#826, thanks @nsainaney)
  • Allow null property name to be used with WhenAny (#811, thanks @asarium)
  • Improve binding error logging (#840, thanks @bradtwurst)
  • Add constructors to ReactiveActivity and ReactiveFragment to allow them to inherit a Java reference (#841, thanks @jonfuller)
  • Fix Xamarin.Forms navigation with ViewModel-first navigation (#819, thanks @bratsche)
  • Cleanup to activation on WP (#825, thanks @flagbug)