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ReactiveUI v8.0.1 released

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Release Notes
Geoffrey Huntley

Elijah Reva noticed a net461 regression that affected Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Forms. During the netstandard refactor we missed renaming a compilation symbol which resulted in PropertyChangedEventManager.DeliverEvent being used when setting reactive properties. WeakEventManager should not be used on these platforms and this hotfix disables it.

Thank you Elijah for sending in this the hotfix - check your email for an invitation to the GitHub organization!

As part of this release we had 8 commits which resulted in 3 issues being closed.

Windows Forms

  • #1620 fix: disable WeakEventManager for net461 build (#1617)

Windows Presentation Foundation

  • #1620 fix: disable WeakEventManager for net461 build (#1617)


  • #1626 housekeeping: resolve broken build due to NET45 compilation symbol
  • #1625 housekeeping: pin xamarin.forms version used by eventbuilder

Where to get it

You can download this release from