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ReactiveUI v8.4.1 released

Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Release Notes
Rodney Littles, II

Release 8.4.1 of ReactiveUI is available!

Thank You to Sebastian Richter for fixing a bug that resolve issues for a number of users.

Thank You to Glenn Watson for helping getting this released pushed.

Note: There was a WPF regression in this release which has been fixed in release v8.4.4 that immediately followed this release. If you use WPF please skip this release.

As part of this release we had 27 commits which resulted in 8 issues being closed.


  • #1604 feature: stamp ReactiveUI ($(TargetFramework)) into builds
  • #1651 Fix InitializeReactiveUI not resolving namespaces correctly.
  • #1688 Fix ActOnEveryObject missing changes when SuppressChangeNotifications is used
  • #1690 fix: Update teams to point towards correct URI
  • #1701 feat: Update ReactiveUI to use Reactive Extensions 4.0.0 as minimum


  • #1546 feature: add Tizen platform support


  • #1312 fix: wait for scheduler guards against exception in early initialisation

Windows Forms

  • #1651 Fix InitializeReactiveUI not resolving namespaces correctly.

Windows Presentation Foundation

  • #1366 fix: check for unsupported range actions in ReactiveList on WPF
  • #1654 Fix double registration of ComponentModelTypeConverter
  • #1707 bug: Fix the project to use TargetFrameworks


  • #1680 Fix: Android.Support.V4.App.Fragment is missing ResolveStrategy parameter


  • #1631 feat: Update to Xamarin forms 3.0


  • #1693 fix: MSBuild.Extras was mistakenly adding incorrect framework references
  • #1694 housekeeping: header incorrectly said MS-PL instead of MIT
  • #1695 Fix MSBuild.Sdk.Extras support to use the new syntax
  • #1703 housekeeping: Splat 4.0.2 is now required to fix MsBuild.Sdk.Extras issues
  • #1705 housekeeping: Update the testing projects and cake file to have latest nuget packages


  • #1708 housekeeping: Fix typos and broken links in readme

Where to get it

You can download this release from