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ReactiveUI v9.0.1 released

Friday, October 5, 2018
Release Notes
Glenn Watson

Release 9.0.1 of ReactiveUI is available!

What's Changed

Please note the biggest change is ReactiveList, IReactiveDerivedList are being marked as deprecated. Recommend the use of DynamicData instead

  • Added Benchmark Harness (#1729) (#1729) @RLittlesII
  • feature: Add a constructor to take the constructor to RoutingState (#1730) @glennawatson
  • fix: All bench marks are now correctly running (#1731) @glennawatson
  • housekeeping: Make the ReactiveList and related interfaces and components Obsolete. (#1727) @glennawatson
  • Made the ReactivePagerAdapter not rely on ReactiveList. (#1736) @glennawatson
  • housekeeping: update integration tests to latest nuget versions. (#1738) @glennawatson
  • feature: Add app for the getting started guide (#1740) @worldbeater
  • Add MasterDetailPage sample (#1741) @cabauman
  • housekeeping: Make debug type use portable format and embedded. (#1742) @glennawatson
  • Fix Xamarin.Forms RoutedViewHost exception (#1744) @cabauman
  • housekeeping: update public api generator to allow for embedded pdbs. (#1743) @glennawatson
  • samples: Add xamarin page routing and support various detail views (#1745) (#1745) @cabauman
  • consolidate files (#1747) @onovotny