ReactiveUI v9.5.1 released

Wednesday, December 26, 2018
Release Notes
Glenn Watson

Release 9.5.1 of ReactiveUI is available!

This is just a minor maintenance release with some updated event frameworks and internal housekeeping items.

What's Changed

External Facing Changes

  • Add documentation explaining how to use ReactiveUserControl in XAML (#1855) @jorisvergeer
  • housekeeping: Update XamForms events to (#1862) @glennawatson

Internal Changes Only

  • housekeeping: now use cake 0.30.0 (#1852) @glennawatson
  • housekeeping: remove warnings from code base (#1851) @glennawatson
  • (housekeeping) Add preview branches to azure pipelines (#1858) (#1858) @RLittlesII
  • housekeeping: Update to cake 0.31.0 (#1860) @glennawatson
  • housekeeping: Update to the latest PinNugetDependencies cake addin (#1861) @glennawatson
  • housekeeping: Move benchmarks into the src folder (#1863) @glennawatson
  • housekeeping: fix warnings and compile of benchmark (#1864) @glennawatson