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Splat v7.0.1 released

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Release Notes
Rodney Littles, II

Splat 7.0.1 is here!

Logging has been the theme of Splat v7.0.1 and there are a few breaking changes.

The following interfaces have either been changed or added.

  • ILogger
  • IFullLogger
  • IAllocationFreeLogger
  • IAllocationFreeErrorLogger

If you have implemented any of these interfaces, you will need to implement the new methods and look for deprecations. These breaking changes helped us support some of the modern context logging frameworks. We now give the user of the root level logger more control over how the data is passed to you.

The IFullLogger had a few methods deprecated, and a few re-allocated to the IAllocationFreeLogger. The AllocationFreeLoggerBase is a base implementation that provides allocation free context logging. This provides the WrappingFullLogger with access to up to ten generic type parameters for logging, and error logging.

We have also started support of Splat.Serilog and Splat.NLog. So now the adapters for these frameworks are being supported by ReactiveUI. We have also added support of Splat.Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. Big thanks to dpvreony and joelweiss for providing these implementations.

Splat has support for the following logging frameworks:

There are also a number of Splat adapters that allow use of other dependency inversion containers in Splat. You can use these adapters with your container of choice. Splat has always had this ability, but now we deliver a few adapters for you in neatly wrapped packages for your consumption.

Splat has support for the following containers:

If you have any problems with Splat v7.0.1 please feel free to submit an Issue, or join us in Slack to discuss further.