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Word List

These words can be slippery. Here’s how we write them.

  • add-on (noun, adjective), add on (verb)
  • back end (noun), back-end (adjective)
  • beta
  • checkbox
  • double-click
  • drop-down (noun, adjective), drop down (verb)
  • email (never hyphenate, never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
    • To name
    • From name
    • Reply-to name
    • Subject line
    • Cc, Bcc
  • emoji (singular and plural)
  • front end (noun), front-end (adjective)
  • geolocation
  • hashtag
  • homepage
  • integrate
  • internet (never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
  • login (noun, adjective), log in (verb)
  • Like (the social media activity)
  • OK
  • online (never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
  • signup (noun, adjective), sign up (verb)
  • sync
  • tweet, retweet
  • username
  • URL
  • website
  • WiFi

Words to avoid

  • crazy, insane, or similar words to describe people
  • crushing it, killing it
  • funnel, incentivize, leverage, disruption, thought leader, or other fluffy corporate terms
  • ninja, rockstar, wizard, unicorn (unless referring to a literal ninja, rockstar, wizard, or unicorn)
  • young, old, elderly, or any other word describing a person's age