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Writing Legal Content

ReactiveUI publishes many kinds of legal content to protect ourselves and our users around the world. Most of our legal content is written by the .NET Foundation and their lawyers. This section gives a general overview of the types of legal content we publish and how those documents are written.


The way we write, review, and publish legal content is different than how we do many other kinds of writing by ReactiveUI. The most important difference is that all legal content either starts with or passes through the .NET Foundation.

But that doesn't mean legal content has to be difficult to read. We try to present our legal information in the most pleasant way possible. Our goals for ReactiveUI's legal content are:

  • Accuracy. Our first and foremost concern is that we present the correct information in a truthful way.
  • Clarity. We try to avoid legal jargon and overly formal wording. Our users need to understand the agreement they’re making with us.
  • Succinctness. We want our users to read and understand our legal documents, while also respecting their time.

Types of legal content

We keep these in one place on our legal page:


When writing legal content, generally follow the style points outlined in the Voice and tone and Grammar and mechanics sections. Here are some more general considerations, too.

Start with the facts

We have some standard language that we use for common issues or requests, but since legal content is so fact-specific, we start there before getting into structure and format. That’s why you won’t see many templates for our legal content.

Use plain language

Legal content is serious business, so the tone is slightly more formal than most of our content. That said, we want all of our users to be able to understand our legal content. So whenever possible, we use plain language rather than legal jargon.


We use contractions in many of our legal documents, which makes them sound more human and flow better with the rest of our content. Contracting words doesn't affect the validity of an agreement.

Never offer legal advice

While we want to inform our users about legal issues related to their use of ReactiveUI, we can’t offer them legal advice. Sometimes it’s a fine line. Seek guidance from the .NET Foundation when in doubt.