The recording of the first ever ReactiveUI virtual conference is available on our YouTube Channel.

Help Wanted

Read the plan first.

This page needs fleshing out, pretty much every interaction we have. If you have questions PR the answers here. It's the onboarding guide for other people who may wish to help with documentation:

That page is really for the maintainers (not the users) it's so maintainers/contributors don't burn out.

As of a couple days ago have a gramatical guide and writing style guide. Personally I've always been a big fan of mailchimp. They open sourced their guide so ours is based off theirs. It's theirs as a baseline and we can change it as need be.

See as example for customization that's happening.

I'm 90% happy with the navigation structure but it definately could be improved. Right now we are kinda dumping information in there without much thought to the content/style-guide for writing (aka editing) with the view-point that someone could take A and B, output C with a little guidance. This is the first time I've ever documented an OSS project on this scale before. If you have ideas, let's do them.