We are organizing the first ever ReactiveUI virtual conference, register and join us on September 19th!

The Plan (tm)

ReactiveUI is the father of the extremely popular ReactiveCocoa AKA "RAC" (and also by extension ReactiveSwift) which literaly transformed and changed the way iOS software development is done. Whilst Anaïs was working at GitHub, the team behind ReactiveCocoa (also GitHub employees) ported the concepts behind ReactiveUI to iOS via much beer and coffee :-)

IMHO (Geoff here) the .NET ecosystem is behind the eight-ball with reactive programming even though we are the ecosystem that invented the reactive extensions. This is super embarrassing. A lot has changed in the nine years since the birth of the Reactive Extensions, there's been huge growth in the JavaScript community (all angular developers, now must know reactive programming, the birth of the much loved ELM framework), Scala (server-side; play framework) and in particular the (Java "native") Android Mobile community have turned to the reactive extensions to help cope with the complexity of Android development.

Why? It's cause the the developer experience (documentation, samples, people presenting and sharing their experiences at meetups) has been lacking. Let's fix this.

See https://reactivex.slack.com/archives/C02AJB872/p1502462627603705 for some ideas on how to fix this, head on over to https://reactiveui.net/slack for an invite if you don't have access.