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Team Management

Team Management

When a pull-request is created GitHub evaulates which files have been changed as per these rules. For more information about the CODEOWNERS convention refer to this page on GitHub or refer to the sample below

# A CODEOWNERS file uses a pattern that follows the same rules used in gitignore files.
# The pattern is followed by one or more GitHub usernames or team names using the
# standard @username or @org/team-name format. You can also refer to a user by an
# email address that has been added to their GitHub account, for example

.github/*                                  @reactiveui/maintainers

ReactiveUI heavily uses GitHub teams to split the workload into approachable chunks. If someone wishes to help with reviewing pull-requests then ask which areas they would be comfortable in helping out with and add them to the appropriate team.

When adding new teams please add the team as a sub-team of the maintainers team otherwise permissions won't flow down correctly. For more information see stream at 1h mark at

Unfortunately people outside of the organization cannot view teams until they are part of a team. This is a GitHub limitation and we can't fix it. The solution is to add them to a team, nuture the relationship and help them go through the motions of becoming a regular contributor or maintainer.