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Xamarin Mac

This platform has two different base class libraries:

  • Mobile which is a custom, super lean and restrictive subset of NET45 that excludes many Windowisms.


  • XM 4.5 which looks, acts and barks like a normal .NET program but doesn't include things like System.Drawing and System.Windows.Forms on OSX. This allows you to easily consume standard "desktop" libraries that target NET45 via NuGet as long as the library does not depend on assemblies not available in XM45.


ReactiveUI-Events and ReactiveUI use Xamarin.Mac Mobile but can be consumed into a Xamarin Mac XM 4.5 application. We would love to ship XM45 assemblies with the project but it is currently impossible to do so.

Your viewmodels should inherit from ReactiveObject

Use IActivatableViewModel and WhenActivated for lifecycle

Keep references to your subscriptions

Use disposables to manage lifetime, scope and resources:

Don't use eventhandlers, use the extension methods shipped in instead

Use your normal iOS concepts that you would usually use in OSX development, we have some base classes which you should use as they expose observables such as Changed, Changing and Deactivated that can be used for composition.