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Blog Posts


Erik Sink

The effort to learn Rx and ReactiveUI is worth the trouble. My claim is based on this notion that ReactiveUI shines as complexity increases, but also on my belief that most people underestimate the complexity of their app. If you disagree that most of your code is reacting to something that changed, you might be underestimating the complexity of your app. - Creator of SQLitePCL.raw

Jon Douglas

It took me over 4 slow years to realize that the Reactive Extensions (RX) is a good idea. It’s never too late to start learning something new. Here’s a few reasons why I personally dived into RX. The influencers have double downed on the library, Google has moved to a RX mindset with their new Architecture Components and other languages/frameworks have implementations - Thus the knowledge is universal.

Nigel Sampson

In my opinion (and it’s just that, my opinion) most commands don’t add any value to the main goals for using MVVM (maintainability, readability and testability). Typically they’re just an object that wraps a method, sometimes also a predicate for CanExecute but that’s it. What they mostly add is ceremony to the view model and not much more, you typically see this in commands named RelayCommand or DelegateCommand. Some commands are really useful however, ReactiveCommand in ReactiveUI adds a lot of value when building that style of application and I highly recommend them. - Maintainer of Caliburn.Micro


In Reactive vocabulary, a hen is like an IObservable. She lays eggs periodically – we don't know how often, or how many total eggs, or for how long.