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VirtualTimeSchedulerBase<TAbsolute, TRelative>.Add()

VirtualTimeSchedulerBase<TAbsolute, TRelative>.Add Method

Adds a relative time to an absolute time value.

Namespace:  System.Reactive.Concurrency
Assembly:  System.Reactive (in System.Reactive.dll)


Protected MustOverride Function Add ( _
    absolute As TAbsolute, _
    relative As TRelative _
) As TAbsolute
Dim absolute As TAbsolute
Dim relative As TRelative
Dim returnValue As TAbsolute

returnValue = Me.Add(absolute, relative)
protected abstract TAbsolute Add(
    TAbsolute absolute,
    TRelative relative
virtual TAbsolute Add(
    TAbsolute absolute, 
    TRelative relative
) abstract
abstract Add : 
        absolute:'TAbsolute * 
        relative:'TRelative -> 'TAbsolute 
protected abstract function Add(
    absolute : TAbsolute, 
    relative : TRelative
) : TAbsolute


  • absolute
    Type: [TAbsolute](VirtualTimeSchedulerBase/VirtualTimeSchedulerBase(TAbsolute,)
    The absolute time value.

  • relative
    Type: [TRelative](VirtualTimeSchedulerBase/VirtualTimeSchedulerBase(TAbsolute,)
    The relative time value to add.

Return Value

Type: [TAbsolute](VirtualTimeSchedulerBase/VirtualTimeSchedulerBase(TAbsolute,)
The resulting absolute time sum value.

See Also


[VirtualTimeSchedulerBase<TAbsolute, TRelative> Class](VirtualTimeSchedulerBase/VirtualTimeSchedulerBase(TAbsolute,)

System.Reactive.Concurrency Namespace