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ITestableObservable<T>.Messages Property

ITestableObservable<T>.Messages Property

Gets the recorded notifications sent by the observable.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Reactive.Testing
Assembly:  Microsoft.Reactive.Testing (in Microsoft.Reactive.Testing.dll)


ReadOnly Property Messages As IList(Of Recorded(Of Notification(Of T)))
Dim instance As ITestableObservable
Dim value As IList(Of Recorded(Of Notification(Of T)))

value = instance.Messages
IList<Recorded<Notification<T>>> Messages { get; }
property IList<Recorded<Notification<T>^>>^ Messages {
    IList<Recorded<Notification<T>^>>^ get ();
abstract Messages : IList<Recorded<Notification<'T>>>
function get Messages () : IList<Recorded<Notification<T>>>

Property Value

Type: System.Collections.Generic.IList<Recorded<Notification<T>>>

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