The recording of the first ever ReactiveUI virtual conference is available on our YouTube Channel.

Getting Started

ReactiveUI gives you the power to build reactive, testable, and composable UI code using the MVVM pattern.

See our Handbook for the ReactiveUI documentation. We also have a complete cross-platform demo app.

Getting Started

To get started visit our Installation page.

The Compelling Example walks through creating a more complete application, demonstrating the power of ReactiveUI and Reactive Extensions.


The Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern helps create more portable and maintainable codebases for cross-platform .Net applications. It increases the amount of code that can be shared between different platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) and makes testing easier.

ReactiveUI makes it easy to combine the MVVM pattern with Reactive Programming by providing features such as:


Explore ReactiveUI

ReactiveUI is much more than just a MVVM helper. Take a look at the following projects to get started exploring what is available

  • Sextant- Navigation library for Xamarin.Forms using ReactiveUI
  • Pharmacist - Build Observables from Events
  • DynamicData - Reactive collections based on reactive extensions
  • Samples - Open Source applications built with ReactiveUI
  • Blog - Release Notes and Announcements
  • Videos and Presentations - Videos and Presentations